Meet the Guides

We have assembled a team of professional whitewater guides who we believe are true international “superstars” in the world of whitewater. All these guides have extensive experience with river safety protocols, swiftwater river rescue, mountain awareness, high altitude safety, CPR and first aid. From camp hygiene to boat repair and transportation logistics, they’ve got you covered from the moment your trip begins.  All the guides have extensive knowledge of the Southwest and they are always happy to share their wildlife, geologic, cultural and environmental insights with you.  They guide because they love to share the pleasures of discovery, exploration, and adventure. All of our team members at 4 Corners Whitewater, are incredibly skilled, appropriately diplomatic, calm under pressure, confident yet humble, charming and entertaining, and totally committed to combining their passion with their profession.

Matt Wilson, Owner/Guide/Safety Kayaker

Matt Wilson

Matt, originally from Park City, Utah began his professional guiding career in 1995 for Holiday River Expeditions on the classic alpine rivers of central Idaho. After spending three seasons as a kayak/raft guide on the Rio Futaluefu in the Patagonia region of Chile, Matt returned to college, graduating with a B.A. in Modern Languages. Since then Matt has pursued a career of  swiftwater instructor, river guide and ski patroller. As owner of  4 Corners Whitewater he feels the canyon’s of the San Juan Mountains are the ideal place to share his love for rivers.  Matt’s passion is expedition paddling which has lead him around the world in search of first descents from Russia to Madagascar. Recently Matt was named as one of Outside Magazines New Kings of Adventure. Matt also enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and coffee.

Drew Beezley, Owner/Guide/Safety Kayaker

Drew Beezley

Drew grew up canoeing and kayaking on the scenic rivers of Missouri and Arkansas. He began raft guiding in the spring of 2000 on the Arkansas River in central Colorado. Since then he has worked as the Paddle School Director for 4Corners Riversports. Drew spends as much time as he can kayaking down the magical river gorges of Southern Colorado. He and his wife Erin live in Durango, together they also enjoy mountain biking, skiing, and just being outside.

Ryan Bonomini, Lead Guide

An inexhaustible source of energy “B-Nombs” has been guiding whitewater since 2002 on the Ocoee, Chattooga, Gauley, San Juan, and Green Rivers. Ryan joined 4 Corners whitewater on the Animas in 2010. Ryan has rafted and kayaked in Costa Rica, Ecuador and is also an outdoor instructor for Deer Hill Expeditions. In the winter you can find him ski patrolling in Telluride, CO. He is also proud to say that he is using his hard earned college degree with a B.A. in Outdoor Ed. from Ohio University!

Stan Prichard, Safety Kayaker/Guide

Stan Prichard

Stan is originally from Tennessee and grew up boating the rivers of the southeast. He began his paddling career at summer camp and then further developed his skills with the Baylor Schools Walkabout Program. As a student instructor he began guiding climbing, rafting, and kayaking at an early age. After high school he attended Fort Lewis College where he earned an English Degree. While in college he completed a NOLS semester in Patagonia, a season instructing for Outward Bound, and became an ACA kayak instructor. Stan is a ski patrol/guide at Silverton, Mountain in the winter. When not at work he enjoys reading, writing, and adventure travel.

Dana ‘Mania’ Kopf, Guide

Dana originally hails from Pennsylvania and first started guiding in the early 90’s on the Rio Grande near Taos. He has since logged over 7,500 river miles around the world including West Virginia’s Gauley River, The Rio Futaleufu in Chile, The Grand Canyon of the Colorado, and the first and only raft descent of New Mexico’s class V Embudo Creek. Dana’s favorite river is still the world class Upper Animas river right here in Durango. When not on the river, he is busy raising two little river rats, mountain biking, or skiing.

Aaron Schenk, Guide


Aaron Schenk, originally from Eldorado Springs, CO, was fortunate to grow up in a rafting family devoted to outdoor exploration. Aaron was introduced to the sport at the age of 7, in a paddle raft on the headwaters of the Rio Grande. His river running addiction exploded after paddling an inflatable kayak down Westwater canyon on the Colorado River at age 13. Later he moved to Durango and attended Fort Lewis College, studying business management. While in college he enrolled in 4 Corners Whitewater Guide School, and there is where he found his true calling. Aaron finds nothing more fulfilling then sharing his knowledge and passion for river running with others. Aside from rafting Aaron enjoys cooking, mountain biking and running chainsaws.