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Taos - Rio Chama Rafting

Quick Details

Person Ages 10+
NOW Tier 2 $450 Was $629

Get ready for a nice relaxing 3-day float down the mighty Rio Chama River!

Tier 1-$400 expired 3/6/2024

Tier 2-$450 expires 4/1/2024

Tier 3-$550 expires 5/1/2024

Camp in a tent or sleep under the stars by the river. There will be plenty of time to check out the canyon while on and off the river. Hanging around camp there will be time to explore or relax under the countless stars at night. We will begin the trip from Coopers El Vado Ranch on day one, spending two nights in the canyon before taking out near the Abiquiu Reservoir. All meals from lunch on day one through lunch on day three will be provided.


Day 1: El Vado Ranch to Camp 1

  • Start our journey at Coopers El Vado Ranch, a picturesque western-style launch point.
  • Begin our river adventure on the Rio Chama River, tackling the Class II Aragon Rapid.
  • Enjoy a delightful riverside lunch.
  • Continue downriver, taking in the stunning scenery.
  • Arrive at our first campsite and assist our guides in setting up camp.
  • Relax, enjoy dinner, and soak in the beautiful sunset.
  • Spend the evening stargazing and unwinding by the campfire.

Day 2: Camp 1 to Camp 2

  • Wake up to the aroma of fresh coffee or tea.
  • Fuel up with a hearty breakfast before packing up camp.
  • Resume our river journey, making stops for short side hikes to explore the surrounding canyons.
  • Arrive at our second campsite, offering opportunities for exploration or relaxation.
  • Share campfire stories and enjoy the night sky.

Day 3: Camp 2 to Take-Out Point

  • Start the day with a satisfying breakfast and hot coffee or tea.
  • Begin our final day on the water, navigating thrilling Class II-III rapids.
  • Reach the headwaters of Abiquiu Upper Reservoir, marking the end of our river journey.
  • Load our vehicles and head back to the meeting point.
  • Arrive back at the meeting point to drop you off at your cars, concluding the adventure.