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Best Outdoor Activities in Durango, CO

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The weather is finally getting warmer and sunnier here in the great state of Colorado, so it may be time to finally plan that family trip you’ve been putting off. Whether you’re looking for white water rafting trips for the adrenaline seekers in the family, or something more low-key like family fishing trips, we have the best outdoor activities in the Durango, CO area.

A big draw to this area of the state is the Colorado River. As the only major river in the Southwest, the Colorado River is about 1,450 miles long and crosses through 11 national parks. Many visitors flock to the Colorado River for all the great activities the river provides.

Kayaking Trip

Kayaking is an easy way to explore the river and its landscape in the Durango, CO area. Up to two people can use one single kayak, and we recommend a double kayak like that if it’s your first time.

White Water Rafting Trips

For those in the family looking for something more exhilarating, white water rafting trips are available in the Durango, CO area. An inflatable raft is used to navigate down the river, and the ride usually consists of some rougher water.

White water rafting is great in building teamwork between everyone on the raft, so families with older kids are sure to enjoy this outdoor activity.

ATV Tours

If you’re more interested in staying on land rather than on water, there are ATV tours available in the area to explore the ever-changing landscape. ATV rentals include single, double, or side-by-side seaters, so you can choose how to pair up your family.


Want to experience both the water and the land? Experience it all from above with a zip line tour. You’ll zoom through the Colorado wilderness from high above with some of the best views Colorado has to offer. While ziplining is completely safe, we don’t recommend it for those who are prone to a fear of heights…maybe stay on the ground for this one!

Summer will be here before you know it, so be sure to plan ahead on your summer trip and keep in mind these great outdoor activities that the entire family can enjoy.