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Five Reasons To Take Family Fishing Trips

a small boat in a body of water

Almost everyone remembers a great family trip from his or her childhood. But do we remember why it was a great trip? If those great family trips were family fishing trips, the answer is probably “they were fun.” But here are five more reasons to take family fishing trips:

Experiences Make Us Happier Than Possessions

In a study conducted at San Francisco State University, assistant professor Ryan Howell found that happiness in a new possession fades over time, about six to eight weeks on average, while experiences create memories that last a lifetime. Moreover, experiences can be easily shared, which is exactly what you want out of a family trip. Family fishing trips will make you much happier than that new phone and, unlike the new phone, family fishing trips can be shared by the whole family.

Family Fishing Trips Mean Family Time

Family fishing trips are experienced together, as a family. This does not necessarily happen on other kinds of family trips. Experiencing an amusement park, for example, usually requires the family to split up into different age groups. The family may divide even further with some family members shopping while others eat or experience rides. There are no distractions from family time during family fishing trips.

Family Fishing Trips Mean Learning Something New

Guided family fishing trips are a perfect opportunity to learn something new. Guides are expert instructors who know geography (like the Colorado River is the only major river in the southwest United States at almost 1,450 miles long), nature (like black bear can have fur that is blond, cinnamon, brown, or black), and, most importantly, fishing (like Durango fishing trips often focus on the Animas River because of its reputation for easy access and large rainbow and brown trout). Your kids will thank you for the fun you had on family fishing trips, while you secretly know that they were actually educational experiences in disguise.

Family Fishing Trips Aren’t All About Fishing

Family fishing trips can give your family the opportunity to try something new. Once you are in the outdoors, many recreational opportunities await. Adrenaline seekers may want to try a guided ATV tour, a kayaking trip, whitewater rafting, or ziplining. Less adventurous families may want to look into rafting day trips with local rafting guides.

Someone Has to Catch All the Fish

Family fishing trips would be disappointing if there wasn’t at least some fishing. Animas river fly fishing trips, for example, consistently reward anglers with 10 to 15 inch rainbow trout and produced a former state record brown trout weighing over 20 pounds. Whether your family’s tastes run toward bait fishing or river fly fishing, someone has to catch all the fish.


Family fishing trips can help your family spend time together, learn, try new things, and make memories to last a lifetime.