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Rafting in the Rain

When the clouds roll in and mother nature starts doing her thing, customers often ask us if it is okay to go rafting in the rain. Is it safe to be on the water during a storm? Do we have to worry about lightning? Is rafting still fun when your taking on more moisture than just whitewater splashes? The answer to all of these questions is: YES! Considering you will be getting wet anyways, we like to think of whitewater rafting as the perfect rainy day activity. Our trips continue rain or shine! On colder rainy days, we provide our customers with splash jackets to help retain warmth and dryness, but rarely do the skies remain gloomy in Southwestern Colorado. Chances are you will see blue skies and that bright Colorado sun before the end of your trip. As far as lightning goes, there is no reason to be concerned while on the Animas River. The river cuts through the narrow Animas River Valley, so our raft is generally the lowest point in the area. If the lighting does become an issue, your guide is trained to ensure your safety and will remove you from the area as quickly as possible.


If your day on the water is shadowed by dark clouds and looming weather, don’t worry! 4 Corners Whitewater will make sure your trip is a safe and memorable one.